Marriage Course

Marriage 3Nicky and Sila Lee founded the marriage course in 1996 at Holy Trinity, Brompton.

We have been running the seven session course here at Bromham Baptist church for many years. Typically we meet in a home at 7.30 for a relaxed dinner and then watch a DVD presented by Nicky and Sila Lee.  During the evening each couple does 2-3 exercises in their booklet, in private, and there is further ‘homework’ suggestions to help explore the theme together. 

Katie Tait, a journalist, attended a Marriage Course in 2007 with her husband Alex.  She wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph which sparked interest in the course by Radio Two DJ, Chris Evans, and led to an interview with Nicky Lee on his ‘Drive Time’ show in April 2007.

Chris introduced the interview by saying, "If you sometimes feel that you and your partner are like ships that pass in the night, as you try to stay afloat in this busy world, there’s a course you might like to go on. Reset your sails to the marriage course, which promises to help any couple build a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime."

"It’s open", responded Nicky, "to any couple, how ever long they have been together, whether they have a strong relationship or if they’re in trouble; whether or not they’re married – it’s for any couple to work on their relationship".

Chris commented "You can understand why some people might be reticent to go on the marriage course because it suggests to the outside world, 'Of course, there must be something wrong, otherwise why would they need any help?'”

Alex quoted Nicky saying "There’s an awful lot available if your marriage is in trouble, but nothing to help you keep your marriage strong before that point. There is a stigma attached to marriage courses.We need to change our culture so that it becomes normal as going to parenting classes.’’

A slow breakdown in communication often leads to breakups. Magnus and Christine were most helped by the section on communication, reported Alex. "He tends to put things bluntly, which I take as criticism. He’s now learnt to change HOW he says things. It sounds small, but things like that have really changed our relationship," said Christine.

If you are interested please contact the Church Office 01234 822681.