A team of Elders, which includes the Minister, is recognised by the Church as being called by God to serve the whole of church life.  Recognition of Elders is in line with biblical understanding and they have the spiritual, pastoral and visionary oversight of the Church.

The Eldership team meet most weeks to seek God’s heart and vision for the Church, based around prayer and Scripture. In turn they oversee, care for and develop the Ministry Areas.  They are accountable to God, recognised annually by the Church and are given authority by the membership through the Church Meeting. Elders are also Trustees of the Church as a charity. 

Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson was called as the Minister from 28 April 2014.  Having planted and ministered in churches in Northamptonshire and Hull, Stephen was most recently ministering in a Baptist church in Virginia, USA.
He is married to Ester and they have two children, Naomi and Caleb.  Stephen has a passion for preaching God's word and for making and discipling followers of Jesus. 

Andrew Ingrey-Senn

Andrew has had oversight of the worship ministry of the church since 1995, soon after he and his wife Marion joined the Church.  Together they have led small groups and Marion now leads the Seniors' Ministry.  He has owned businesses in the motor and service industries but now devotes most of his time to the life of the church and to his family. Andrew is the Church Secretary.

Paul Leinster
Paul Leinster
Paul and his wife Felicity have been members of the church since 1989 and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Over the years Paul has had leadership roles within house groups, young people’s and overseas work. He worked for a number of large companies on environmental, health and safety matters and then joined the Environment Agency. He retired from full-time employment in 2015 and now works part-time for a variety of organisations. Paul is the Treasurer. 


Will Partridge-Underwood
Will Partridge-Underwood

Will joined the Church as the Youth worker in 2009 having been involved with young people's work for many years, latterly based in a church plant in Hull.  His calling as en Elder was recognised in September 2013 and he now also serves as Family work coordinator.  Will's wife, Sharon, is the Church's Pastoral Coordinator.    

Ministry Leaders

In order to fulfil our Vision and Mission as a Church, we believe that every Member should be encouraged to discover his/her God given gifts and abilities and to use them in His service.  To enable the Church to function effectively, we have established Ministry Areas in which Members can fulfil their calling.

Ministry Leaders are recognised to have leadership gifts in a particular area of the Church's life and work.

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