European Christian Mission 


ECM works in the provinces of Cordoba (in the south), Castellon (at the east coast), and in Madrid. There are several church planting projects and a lot of social work.

We have developed a relationship with a Church in Cordoba which is led by ECM Missionaries Teo and Christina Miller.  They have two children and have been working on mission in Spain for some years.
Miller Family See their latest news here.

We want to see people set free by being loved and accepted by God in Jesus and learning to accept and love others by God's grace.                

We are sharing the good news of Jesus with people in the city of Cordoba especially those who've rejected the institution of the church and therefore would not connect easily with existing churches. We are looking to help establish new communities of believers that will be good news where they live their daily lives and reach out to others, establishing other communities with Jesus at the centre.

ECM says the Roman Catholic church has lost much of its historical influence. Because of the link with the Franco-regime, along with some other things, the church has lost much of its credibility, even among Catholics.

In the vacuum left by the church have emerged atheism, materialism, occultism and many other ideologies among the Spaniards. A strong evangelical testimony is much needed.

ECM longs for the different church planting projects to bear fruit and that the strength of the Gospel will be seen and heard more and more in the Spanish society.