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Debbie and Paul are on mission in Utange, Kenya where they link with Utange Baptist Church and the wider Orphans Project which Debbie established in 2009.  This project now includes a Christian secondary school, "Celebration High School" and an emerging vision for a Bible School.

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Orphans Project

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Utange, Kenya

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The Story

Whilst on a family holiday in 2006, Church Member Debbie Scott-Robinson met Baptist Pastor John Kahindi in Utange, Kenya, after getting away from the tourist areas.   John and his wife Elizabeth were overseeing the care of ten children in the village who had lost one or both their parents to AIDS.  These were just a few of the hundreds of children orphaned through

On returning home, the plight of the children laid heavily on Debbie's heart.   As a Christian she would pray for the children and felt God say that He wanted her to do something about their situation.  AIDS.

So, with a small team, she began fundraising through The Sure Foundation to build a home and to feed, clothe and educate some of the children.  A local trust was set up in Kenya - The Sure Foundation Home for Orphans Project - to build and operate the home which was named Casuarina House. This opened in January 2009 with the original ten children moving in with Phase Two completed a year later.

A further fourteen children, making twenty-four in total, now live in Casuarina House for whom it is a home rather than an institution.  It is somewhere that they feel nurtured, cared for and loved; they ahve a hope and a future.

A feeding programme, Feed500, now provides a hot meal each Saturday for over 500 other orphans who also receive a bag of maize to help meet their food needs during the week.

Mar2015 Feed500

Debbie, with her husband Paul Robinson, have been recognised by the Church as missionaries to Utange, Kenya and will be working alongside Utange Baptist Church to continue the work with the Orphans Project as well as training and equipping local church Pastors in the area, leading Bible studies, planning for a Bible School and going out on mission with the Good News of Jesus.  They have the use of the Baptist Church's Christian Centre where teams of volunteers can experience African life whilst helping out in the Orphans Project.

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Paul and Debbie are living by faith and receive no income from the Orphans Project or Utange Baptist 
Church.  You can make a donation to support them personally in their Christian ministry by PayPal or Credit Card here:

For more information about the Orphans Project, or to make a donation towards the work, visit the Utange Orphans Project web site.