Church Giving and Finance

Bromham Baptist Church is fully financed by its Members and congregation;
no funds are received from any external or central source.

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Annual Budget
Each year, a Budget is established which summarises the expected expenditure, for the year ahead, in each of the main areas of the Church's activities.  Ministry Team Leaders propose their plans and related funding requirements to a Church Members' Meeting and this leads to a final Annual Budget being agreed by the Members.

Members and congregation are encouraged to give regularly and, wherever possible, the Church recovers tax through the Gift Aid scheme.

The Church's annual budget is around £170,000 which means that our weekly giving must average some £2,700 before Gift Aid refunds.  From the income which the Church receives, substantial donations are made to the Baptist Union's local and international mission funds and to other selected Christian charities working in the UK and oversea.

Regular Giving
As an evangelical church, we understand the Biblical principle of tithing to God from that we which we earn or receive.  Each Member is therefore asked to prayerfully consider before God that which the Lord would have them give to the work of His church.

The best way for Members to give is via a regular monthly amount on a Bank Standing Order. 
To download a Standing Order Form and Gift Aid Declaration, click here or contact the Church Office. 

Alternatively, you can set up a monthly transfer through internet banking arrangements (although we shall still need a signed Gift Aid Declaration if you are a UK tax payer); the bank details can be found here.
In addition to a regular tithe, Members are encouraged to give to specific Church linked projects.

If you have any questions regarding the Church's finances or how you can give to its work, please contact the Church office.

Church Finance information for Members