Mission with YWAM 

Hannah 201912 

Back to prison!!

Hello from Norway! Firstly let me apologise for the delay in posting my blog… I try to post at least every 2 months but recently I’ve struggled to get one out, but I’ll try and update you on everything that I can!!

Let me give you a quick recap but keep reading for exciting news !!

I am currently staffing this years Impact DTS (the same school I did last year), so I’m back to living in the good old prison
I have just caught my 31st flight of this year after being in Poland on a YWAM Skien base trip for 3 days (not too proud about my carbon footprint but in awe of home much God has provided for me!)

I gained one more monthly financial supporter so thank you for your prayers

And last but not least, the outreach location has been decided for this years DTS !!!

Blessings,  Hannah
Hannah 201912-1