Gathering for worship 

The church building remains closed through the week

Worship 1

Sunday Services are now on-line from 10.30am

Services are streamed on YouTube where they can also be viewed later as a recording - search for Bromham Baptist Church

Coronavirus Pandemic
When we are able to gather for corporate worship, you should only attend in-person services if you have fully considered the possible risks to yourself and that which you may pose to others. 
Please do not attend if you have any Covid symptoms.
It is even more important please that we adhere to the Government’s rules. 
In particular, it is emphasised that there should not be any interaction across household groups at any time within the church building; chats outside should be with no more than one other person from a different household group. 
Household groups must remain physically distanced by 2m at all times.

Contact the Office for further information:
01234 822681 Ext 1